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We are committed to giving you your tan, your way. You will feel confident and look amazing whatever the weather with beautifully flawless, bronzed skin.

This personalised, at home spray tanning service means that you are in complete control. All you have to do is choose a day and time, and we will be there to provide you with a high quality sunless tan suitable for any occasion.

At Your Tan, not only do we strive to show you the best possible service, but we also care about what goes into your body and the earth around you. We do not use single-use items such a baby wipes, hair nets and thongs, and -although we are not perfect- we strive to reduce plastic waste where possible.

We only use vegan friendly Vita Liberata products to give you a glowing colour made from certified organic botanicals.

Individual Tans £28

Tan for Two £55

Group Tans from £80

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6 Tips to achieve the perfect tan


Despite claims that sunbeds are safe or even ‘good’ for your skin, there are pages and pages of research which prove otherwise.


SPF works by extending your skin’s natural defences against the suns rays. Regardless of light or dark skin, it is necessary to wear SPF all year round to protect your skin.


By exfoliating 2-3 times a week you are removing toxins and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, as well as improving blood circulation.


Your body can only produce so much melanin, so sitting in the sun all day long will do nothing for your tan except increase your chance of sunburn and damage from the UV rays.


The foods we eat play a huge role in the health and appearance of our skin. Lycopene, our skin’s natural SPF, can be increased by eating red and orange fruits and vegetables.


By faking it, you are able to choose your colour, save time, prevent premature aging, and nourish the skin with organic ingredients.

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